Dr. Waseem Razzaq | Mathematical Physics | Member

PHD at COMSETS Vehari Campus, Pakistan

Waseem Razzaq, a dedicated mathematician based in Vehari, Pakistan, holds a PhD in Mathematics and specializes in applied mathematics, fractional calculus, and exact solutions of differential equations. With a strong academic background, including an MPhil and MSc in Mathematics, Razzaq has authored numerous research articles published in reputable journals. He excels in teaching and has held various positions in educational institutions. Recognized as “The Best Teacher of the Year 2011,” Razzaq is passionate about supporting humanitarian actions, enjoys sports and book reading, and actively contributes to educational resources through his YouTube channel “Math Center.”

Professional Profiles:


PhD: Institution: COMSETS Vehari Campus Subject: Mathematics Session: 2022 Fall – Continue Master of Philosophy: Institution: ISP, Multan, Pakistan Subject: Mathematics Session: 2018-2020 Master of Science: Institution: BZU, Vehari campus, Pakistan Subject: Mathematics Session: 2015-017 B.Ed: Institution: AIOU Islamabad Subjects: Math, Physics Session: 2016 B.Sc: Institution: BZU, Multan, Pakistan Subjects: Math-A&B/Comp Session: 2015

Work Experience

V.Principal, Vehari Leads College Pipli Adda Vehari (Feb 2021 – Present) Lecturer (Mathematics), Aspire Groups of Colleges Machiwal campus (July 2019 – Sep 2020) Visiting Lecturer (Mathematics), The Govt. Degree College Vehari (2018) Teacher (Math & Phy), The Smart School Vehari (2016) Teacher (Mathematics), The Educator College (girls campus) Vehari (2014-2015) Teacher (Math & Phy), Allied School Vehari (2013-2014) Teacher (Mathematics), The Public School Vehari (2009-2012)


Awarded “The Best Teacher of the Year 2011” in The Public School Vehari.

Research Interests

Applied Mathematics Fractional Calculus Exact solutions of PDEs and ODEs Optimization Numerical solutions of PDEs and ODEs

Research Focus:

Waseem Razzaq’s research focuses on the theoretical and analytical aspects of nonlinear wave equations in optical and oceanographic sciences. He specializes in deriving exact soliton solutions and wave behaviors using various mathematical techniques, including the simplest equation method and fractional calculus. Razzaq’s contributions extend to diverse fields such as nonlinear optics, ocean engineering, and modern physics, as evidenced by his publications in reputable journals. His work significantly advances our understanding of nonlinear phenomena and contributes to the development of mathematical tools for modeling complex systems in optics and oceanography.


  1. Construction of Solitons and Other Wave Solutions for Generalized Kudryashov’s Equation with Truncated M-Fractional Derivative Using Two Analytical Approaches, cited by: 1, Publication: 2024.
  2. The complex hyperbolic Schrödinger dynamical equation with a truncated M-fractional by using simplest equation method, Publication: 2024.
  3. Applications of the Simplest Equation Procedure to Some Fractional Order Differential Equations in Mathematical Physics, Publication: 2024.
  4. The kink solitary wave and numerical solutions for conformable non-linear space–time fractional differential equationsPublication: 2024.
  5. Searching the new exact wave solutions to the beta-fractional Paraxial nonlinear Schrödinger model via three different approaches, cited by: 3, Publication: 2024.
  6. New analytical wave solitons and some other wave solutions of truncated M-fractional LPD equation along parabolic law of non-linearitycited by: 4, Publication: 2023.
  7. Solitary wave solutions of coupled nerve fibers model based on two analytical techniques, cited by: 2, Publication: 2023.
  8. Optical solitons to the beta-fractional density dependent diffusion-reaction model via three different techniques, Publication: 2023.
  9. New Three Wave and Periodic Solutions for the Nonlinear (2+ 1)-Dimensional Burgers Equations, Publication: 2023.
  10. Research Article Solitary Wave Solutions of Conformable Time Fractional Equations Using Modified Simplest Equation Method, Publication: 2022.
Waseem Razzaq | Mathematical Physics | Member

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