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Dr. Amro Obeid | Nanoscience | Excellence in Research

PHD at Beirut Arab University, Lebanon

Amro Obeid is a part-time Assistant Professor in Physics at Beirut Arab University and a Research Assistant at the National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS). With a PhD in Physics from Beirut Arab University, his research focuses on nanoscience, material science, and radiation physics. He has over 16 years of experience as a Senior Regulatory Inspector at the Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission (LAEC), specializing in the safety and security assessment of ionizing radiation sources. Obeid is actively involved in various IAEA projects and serves as an instructor in radiation protection and safety.

Professional Profiles


PhD in Physics, 2022 Institution: Beirut Arab University, Faculty of Science Thesis: “Preparation, characterization and effects of micro and nano size metal oxide/polymer composite for nuclear radiation shielding applications.” DEA in Physics (Nanostructures et materiaux fonctionnels), 2005 Institution: Lebanese University, Faculty of Sciences II Thesis: “Spectrometrie de Fourier et methodes de calcul des sections efficaces d’absorptions de la molecule d’ozone.” B.S. in General Physics (Teaching Diploma in Sciences), 2003 Institution: Lebanese University, Faculty of Sciences III

Professional Experience

Research Assistant Institution: National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS) Senior Regulatory Inspector Institution: Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission (LAEC) Experience: Over 16 years in safety and security assessment, regulatory inspection, and compliance with national safety and security regulations for ionizing radiation sources.

Teaching Experience

Beirut Arab University (BAU), Department of Physics, Faculty of Science General Physics, PHYS243: Fall & Spring 2022-2023, Spring 2023-2024 Materials Science, PHYS450: Spring 2022-2023 Nuclear Physics, PHYS453: Fall 2023-2024 Circuit Analysis, PHYS358: Spring 2023-2024 LA SAGESSE University (ULS), Department of Medical Imaging and Therapeutic Radiology, Faculty of Public Health Radiation Protection and Safety of Radiation Sources, FCR 260: Postgraduate course on planned exposure situations and generic requirements


Lab Experiments: XRD, TGA, Tensile Test, Vickers Microhardness Test, SSDL system. Radiation Dosimeters: Use for dose monitoring and worker safety. Software: OriginPro (Graphing and Data Analysis), Adobe Photoshop CC (Photo editing and design). Languages: English, French (good spoken, written, and read).

Research Interests

Nanoscience and Material Science: Preparation and characterization of nanoparticles and polymer nanocomposites. Radiation Physics: Effects of nanoparticle size on radiation attenuation ability of polymer nanocomposites. Experimental Techniques: XRD, FTIR, SEM, TGA, DSC, tension stress-strain tests, and Vickers micro-indentation hardness tests. X-ray Irradiation Systems: Experience with SSDL laboratory systems


  1. Gamma-ray attenuation parameters of HDPE filled with different nano-size and Bulk WO3, cited by: 14,  Publication date: 2023.
  2. Attenuation parameters of HDPE filled with different nano-size and bulk WO3 for X-ray shielding applications, cited by: 19,  Publication date: 2022.
  3. Evaluation of the Effect of Different Nano-Size of WO3 on the Structural and Mechanical Properties of HDPEcited by: 13,  Publication date: 2022.
  4. Evaluation of the Effect of Different Nano-Size of WO3 Addition on the Thermal Properties of HDPE Compositecited by: 4,  Publication date: 2022.
  5. Effects of Different Nano Size and Bulk WO3 Enriched by HDPE Composites on Attenuation of the X-ray Narrow Spectrumcited by: 10,  Publication date: 2021.
Amro Obeid | Nanoscience | Excellence in Research

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