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Assistant Professor at Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology, Pakistan

Dr. Muhammad Khuram Shahzad is an Assistant Professor at Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology (KFUEIT), Pakistan. With a Ph.D. in Physics from Harbin Institute of Technology, China, he specializes in up-conversion nano-materials for biological applications, hyperthermia, and cancer treatments. He has 28 international publications with an impressive impact factor of 250.31. Dr. Shahzad has completed projects funded by Pakistan Science Foundation and Chinese Scholarship Council, focusing on efficient synthesis and preparation of up-conversion nanoparticles. Recognized for his research excellence, he has received awards from the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and the Prime Minister’s office, showcasing his dedication to advancing scientific knowledge.

Professional Profiles:


Ph.D. Physics, 2019 – Harbin Institute of Technology, China Master of Philosophy (M.Phil), 2015 – Department of Physics, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan Master of Science (M.Sc.) Physics, 2011 – Government College University Faisalabad, Pakistan Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Physics, 2006 – University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

Work Experience

Lecturer in Physics: Masomeen College for Advanced Studies, Chiniot (2010-2015) Post Doc Position: Henan University, Kaifeng China (4, December 2019 – 30, September 2020) Assistant Professor: KFUEIT (30, September 2020 – Present)

Research Experience

Six (6) years research experience in the field of up-conversion (UC) nano-materials for biological applications, hyperthermia and cancer treatments, sensors, thin films, nanotechnology, DFT, and Optogenetics Total publications: 28 International Publications: 28 International Impact factor: 250.31 Submitted articles: 3 International journal’s reviewer: Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine, Biomedical optics express, Journal of biological chemistry, Pakistan journal of biological science

Awards / Achievements

Awarded best researcher by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan on 04, November-2022 Won laptop and certificate by Prime Minister of Pakistan for best young researcher in Pakistan in 2015. CSC scholarship for doctoral degree admission in China from 2016 to 2019. Sparkle fellowship on 20 December 2020 (Ireland).

Research Focus:

Muhammad Khuram Shahzad’s research primarily focuses on nanomaterials and their applications in biomedical engineering, particularly in the fields of hyperthermia therapy and optical sensing. His work includes the synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles for photo-hyperthermia therapy, as well as the development of optical temperature sensing probes using nanostructured materials. Additionally, Shahzad investigates the use of nanocomposites for contaminant removal and solar-to-fuel conversion. His contributions span various disciplines, including nanotechnology, photonics, and materials science, aiming to advance knowledge and technology for biomedical and environmental applications.


  1. Fermented Corn Stalk for Biosorption of Copper(II) from Aqueous Solution, cited by: 2, Publication: 2018.
  2. A DFT study of structural, electronic, optical, thermal and mechanical properties of cubic perovskite KGeX3 (X = Cl, Br) compound for solar cell applications, cited by: 1, Publication: 2024.
  3. Structural, electronic, optical, and mechanical properties of cubic perovskite LaMnX3 (X = Cl, Br, I) compound for optoelectronic applications: a DFT study, Publication: 2024.
  4. Structural, Electronic, Mechanical, and Optical properties of the lead-free halide perovskites XGeCl3(X = Cs, K, and Rb) for the photovoltaic and optoelectronic applications, Publication: 2023.
  5. Analysis of gold nanospheres, nano ellipsoids, nanorods, and effect of core–shell structures for hyperthermia treatment, Publication: 2022.
  6. Influence of VO2 based structures and smart coatings on weather resistance for boosting the thermochromic properties of smart window applicationsPublication: 2022.
  7. Zirconium-based cubic-perovskite materials for photocatalytic solar cell applications: a DFT study, Publication: 2022.
  8. Investigation on optical temperature sensing behaviour via Ag island-enhanced luminescence doped β-NaGdF4:Yb3+/Tm3+ films/microfibers†Publication: 2021.
  9. Facile preparation of upconversion microfibers for efficient luminescence and distributed temperature measurement†, Publication: 2019.
  10. Dispersing upconversion nanocrystals in PMMA microfiber: a novel methodology for temperature sensing, Publication: 2018.
Muhammad Khuram Shahzad | Nano Materials | Member

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