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Scholarship at Tabriz University, Iran

I was B.Sc. Student in Mechanical Engineering at Tabriz University and I was among the top 5%, I also received a full scholarship from Tabriz University for the master’s degree, and now I am a master’s student in energy conversion trend at Tabriz University. I was also a Teacher assistant in the Strength of Materials and Design of Machine Elements courses, and I have been working with Dr. Seyyed Faramarz Ranjbar and Dr. Farid Vakili Tahami for 1 year. I am also interested in researching the topics of Power Plants, Thermodynamics, Fluid mechanics, Air conditioning, Energy and Solar energy. Which led to the writing three books I am also interested in working and researching on these topics in the future: 1-Renewable Energy 2-Exergy Analysis 3-Piezoelectric Micropumps 4-Photovoltaics(PV) 5-Nanofluids 6-Energy Analysis 7-Fuel Cells 8-Analysis of Wind Turbin

Professional Profiles:


Master of Mechanical Engineering Branch: Energy Conversion Institute/University: Tabriz University Tabriz , East Azerbaijan, Iran 2022 – Present Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Institute/University: Tabriz University Tabriz , East Azerbaijan, Iran 2018 – 2022 GPA : 17.90(out of 20)

Work Experience

Internship Tabeiz Thermal Power Station Tabriz , East Azerbaijan, Iran July 2021 – August 2021 Tasks and Achievements Teacher Assistant in the Design of Machine Elements course Tabriz University Tabriz , East Azerbaijan, Iran September 2021 – Present Tasks and Achievements Teacher Assistant in the Power Plants course Tabriz University Tabriz , East Azerbaijan, Iran September 2022 – January 2023 Email: Mobile: (+98)9380596289 Website: Address: Tabriz , East Azerbaijan, Iran DoB: 1998-09-24 Marital Status: Single Military Service: Educational Exemption Seyyed Amirreza Abdollahi Mechanical Engineering Profile Summary Education Work Experience I went to the Tabriz Thermal Power Plant for a training course. There i observed the things that i studied theoretically in the Thermodynamics course. I visited the important parts ofthe power plant such as ControlRoom, Steam Turbines, Boilers, Cooling Towers and the Chemical Department . Results of my research led me to write a book called “Tabriz Thermal Power Plant” As a teacher’s assistant, I solved additional exercises forthe students and supervised their

Research Focus:

The research focus of SA Abdollahi spans across various fields, primarily centered around computational fluid dynamics (CFD), heat transfer, nanofluids, porous media techniques, and numerical analysis. Their work encompasses simulations of heat transfer and fluid flow in microchannel heat sinks, investigation of blood hemodynamics in aneurysms, optimization of chemical processes, and modeling the separation capabilities of membranes. Additionally, they explore topics such as magnetohydrodynamics, biomaterial phase equilibria, and the application of machine learning techniques in estimating biomass properties. Abdollahi’s research demonstrates a broad interest in advancing understanding and optimization across diverse engineering and scientific domains.


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  2. Investigating heat transfer and fluid flow betwixt parallel surfaces under the influence of hybrid nanofluid suction and injection with numerical analytical technique, cited by: 29, Publication: 2023.
  3. Computational study of blood hemodynamic in ICA aneurysm with coiling embolism, cited by: 18, Publication: 2023.
  4. Numerical study of heat transfer of wavy channel supercritical CO2 PCHE with various channel geometries, cited by: 11, Publication: 2023.
  5. Influence of extruded injector nozzle on fuel mixing and mass diffusion of multi fuel jets in the supersonic cross flow: computational study, cited by: 9, Publication: 2023.
  6. Removal of ciprofloxacin and cephalexin antibiotics in water environment by magnetic graphene oxide nanocomposites; optimization using response surface methodology, cited by: 7, Publication: 2023.
  7. Optimizing the amount of concentration and temperature of substances undergoing chemical reaction using response surface methodology, cited by: 7, Publication: 2023
  8. Phase Equilibria Simulation of Biomaterial-Hydrogen Binary Systems Using a Simple Empirical Correlationcited by: 6, Publication: 2023
  9. Modeling the CO2 separation capability of poly(4-methyl-1-pentane) membrane modified with different nanoparticles by artificial neural networks,  cited by: 5, Publication: 2023
  10. Applying feature selection and machine learning techniques to estimate the biomass higher heating valuecited by: 3, Publication: 2023
Seyyed Abdollahi | High energy physics | Member

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