Mr. Xu Chen: Leading Researcher in Machine Learning

Candidate for Doctor of Engineering at Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

Congratulations, Mr. Xu Chen, on winning the esteemed ”Best Researcher Award” from ScienceFather! 🎉 Your dedication, innovative research, and scholarly contributions have truly made a significant impact in your field. Your commitment to advancing knowledge and pushing the boundaries of research is commendable. Here’s to your continued success in shaping the future of academia and making invaluable contributions to your field. Well done! 🌟📚

Mr. Xu Chen received the B.Eng. degree in mechanical engineering from Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, China, in 2018. 🎓 He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering at Xi’an Jiaotong University. 📚 His research interests passionately revolve around structural health monitoring with nondestructive testing technology, encompassing natural signal processing and mode recognition. 🏗️🔍🎯.

Professional Profiles:

Education and awards:

  • Masterof Mechanical Engineering,Xi’an Jiaotong University | 2019
  • Outstanding Graduate Cadre title,Xi ‘an Jiaotong University | 2019

Areas of Specialization

  • Structural Health Monitoring

Sub Division

  • Signal Processing and Machine Learning

Peer Reviewer & Academic Engagements

  • Citations: 1278 (All), 1278 (Since 2018)
  • h-index: 7 (All), 7 (Since 2018)
  • i10-index: 5 (All), 5 (Since 2018)

Selective Publications (JOURNALS)

  • Xu Chen, Zhousuo Zhang , Xiang Liand Wenzhan Yang, Sparse representation of guided wave signals with differential norm penalty, Knowledge-Based Systems (2023), doi:
  • Wenzhan Yang, Zhousuo Zhang and Xu Chen, Vibration-based looseness identification of bolted structures via quasi-analytic wavelet packet and optimized large margin distribution machine,Structural Health Monitoring, 2023: 14759217231159948.
  • Feng Liu, Zhousuo Zhang, Xu Chen, Yong Feng and Jinglong Chen, A Novel Multisensor Orthogonal Attention Fusion Network for Multibolt Looseness State Recognition Under Small Sample,IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 2022, 71: 1-17.

In Process

  • Xu Chen, Zhousuo Zhang and Wenzhan Yang,Composite Signal Detection Using Multisynchrosqueezing Wavelet Transform,IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 2023.Under Review




Xu Chen | Machine Learning

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