Prof Dr. S M Kamrul Hasan, Computational Science, Best Researcher Award

PHD at Free University of Bolzano, Italy

S M Kamrul Hasan, born on 15/12/1980 in Bogura, Bangladesh, is a distinguished Bangladeshi professor and researcher in food science. Holding a PhD from the Free University of Bolzano, Italy, his expertise lies in reaction calorimetry and the preservation of fresh-cut fruits. Currently a Professor at Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University, Bangladesh, he excels in teaching, research, and leadership roles. With 28 publications and a strong scholarly impact, Hasan is committed to addressing food-related challenges, specializing in areas such as food waste valorization and climate-resilient nutrient-dense foods. His future goals include establishing an advanced research lab to pioneer cutting-edge solutions in food science and technology. Computational Science

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Professional Experience

Current Appointment (Since 20/02/2020): Title: Professor Employer: Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University (HSTU), Bangladesh Responsibilities: Teaching at Bachelor, Master, and PhD levels Research in the field of food science and technology.


Bachelor’s Degree (2000-2003): BSc in Agricultural Engineering, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh Master’s Degrees: MS in Food Technology, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh (July 2005 – December 2006) MS in Food Technology, Ghent University, Belgium (September 2009 – August 2011) PhD (2014 – 2016): PhD in Management of Mountain Environment and Agriculture, Free University of Bolzano, Italy Thesis Title: Reaction Calorimetry as A Tool for Studying the Quality of Fresh-Cut Fruits and the Efficacy of Various Preservation Treatments Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Matteo Scampicchio. Computational Science

Teaching in the Last Five Years:

Courses taught include Postharvest Technology, Baking, Confectionary, Beverage Technology, Novel Food Processing Techniques, Food Microbiology and Hygiene, Nutritional Changes during Food Processing, Food Processing and Preservation Laboratory.

Research Interests💻

Food Formulation/Processing, Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology, Food Waste Valorization/Agro-industrial Wastes Valorization Postharvest Technology, Climate-Resilient Nutrient-Dense Foods

Research Focus:

S M Kamrul Hasan’s research primarily focuses on the development and application of advanced edible coatings, specifically nanoemulsions, to preserve the quality of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables. His work explores innovative solutions to enhance storability and bioactive properties of food products, as seen in formulations like yogurt with banana peel extracts. Hasan also delves into the potential of fruit by-products as natural sources of antioxidants and α-glucosidase inhibitors. With a strong emphasis on postharvest quality improvement, his investigations extend to areas such as the effects of edible coatings enriched with black cumin extract on guava fruit. Hasan’s diverse contributions encompass reaction calorimetry studies on food and ascorbic acid’s scavenging properties, demonstrating a comprehensive research focus on food science and technology. Computational Science

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S M Kamrul Hasan | Computational Science | Best Researcher Award

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