Dr. Kathiresan Purushothaman, Experimental methods, Best Researcher Award

PHD atĀ  Nord University, Norway

Kathiresan Purushothaman, a seasoned marine molecular biologist, holds a Ph.D. in Aquatic Bioscience from Nord University, Norway. With expertise in genomics, proteomics, and feed-related studies, he has contributed significantly to projects at esteemed institutions like James Cook University and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Kathiresan’s leadership and project management skills shine through his role as a Research Fellow, where he spearheads groundbreaking genetic research on Red Snapper. His dynamic career spans diverse projects, showcasing a remarkable ability to deliver results through international collaborations. Kathiresan is recognized with awards, grants, and a robust technical proficiency encompassing various biological disciplines.

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Professional Experience

James Cook University, Singapore Research Fellow (Jul 2023 – Present, 80%) Conducting research in the laboratory of Prof. Shubha Vij. Leading projects on developing genetic resources for Red Snapper, focusing on genome analysis, SNP identification, and GWAS. Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway Post-Doctoral Fellow (Nov 2021 – Jul 2023, 100%; Aug 2023 – Present, 20%) Contributed to the Foods of Norway project with a focus on feed-related studies in zebrafish and Atlantic Salmon. National University of Singapore, Singapore Visiting Scientist (Jun 2022 – Sep 2022, May 2023 – Jul 2023) Collaborated with Prof. Lin Qingsong on proteome studies of Atlantic Salmon and Zebrafish. Nord University, Norway Researcher, Marine Genomics (May 2021 – Nov 2021) Nord University, Norway PhD Student in Aquatic Biosciences (Apr 2017 – May 2021) Successfully defended the thesis on “Innate Control of Early Embryonic Development,” focusing on zebrafish embryos. Engaged in various feed-related studies and projects on the alimentary canal of Atlantic Salmon.


PhD in Aquatic Bioscience, Nord University, Norway (Apr 2017 – May 2021) MSc in Molecular Biology, Lund University, Sweden (Oct 2008 – Mar 2012) MSc in Biochemistry, Annamalai University, India (Aug 2001 – Jul 2003)

Technical Proficiency:

Extensive expertise in proteomics, next-generation sequencing, molecular biology, microbiology, fish trials, bioinformatics, metagenomics, biodiversity, fish nutrigenomics, histological techniques, immunology, cell culture, microscopy, statistics, animal handling, fish facility maintenance, lipid profile, clinical laboratories, estimation studies, and molecular and cell biology of Streptomyces species.


Winner of Travel Award at the 14th International Zebrafish Conference (Jun 2019). Best oral presentation award at the 24th Annual Lorne Proteomics Symposium (Feb 2019).

Research Focus:

Kathiresan Purushothaman, with a research focus on molecular biology and genomics, has made significant contributions to understanding the Asian seabass genome. His work includes the chromosomal-level assembly of the Asian seabass genome, morpho-histological characterizations of its alimentary canal, and barcoding analysis revealing distinct species. Additionally, he has conducted proteomics and transcriptomics studies on zebrafish embryos, Asian seabass acclimated to different salinities, and the effects of pelleted feeds on Asian seabass. His diverse research spans from genetic variations in individuals and populations to exploring the intestinal mucus proteome of Atlantic salmon to counter inflammation.

Publications (TOP NOTES)


A new procedure of deyolking improves the proteome analysis in zebrafish early embryos, Publication date: 2019.

Characterization of yolk-associated proteins in zebrafish early embryos, Publication date: 2019.

Systematic identification of yolk-associated proteins in early embryonic development of zebrafish, Publication date: 2019.

Kathiresan Purushothaman | Experimental methods | Best Researcher Award

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