Dr. Abraham Dimitri Kapim kenfack, photovoltaic energy, Innovation in Computational Science Award

Research fellows at Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa

Kapim Kenfack Abraham Dimitri, a Cameroonian physicist and educator, born on May 11, 1988, holds a Ph.D. in Physics. Currently a research fellow at Tshwane University of Technology, he specializes in the impact of magnetic fields on PV modules. With a robust academic background, he supervises students at various levels and actively contributes to research in physics and solar energy. His commitment is evident through conference presentations, journal reviews, and the application of Machine Learning in solar cell projects. Dedicated to education, Dimitri combines expertise in physics with a passion for mentoring the next generation of researchers. photovoltaic energy

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Research fellows at Tshwane University of Technology since August 2022 till now  PhD, Physics (2021)  Subject: Effect of a uniform magnetic in the presence of a magnetic material and non-uniform field effects on the PV module.  Master of Sciences, Physics (Mechanics and Energetic) Oct 2010-Jul 2013 University of Dschang Cameroon, photovoltaic energy

Working Experience

Sep 2023 Reviewer of articles for SAIP 2023 proceeding July 2023 Poster presentation at South African Institute of Physics (SAIP) conference South Africa March 2023 Start developing projects involving Machine Learning applied in solar cell and finances Feb 2023 Attendance with certificate a workshop CHPC-NIhecs Coding Summer School in South Africa Aug 2022 Research fellows at Tshwane University of Technology till now Jan 2022 Reviewer in some journals till now Sep 2021-part time teacher in a private secondary school (Cameroon) Sep 2019 -Teaching duties in level 4 (University of Dschang) Sep 2017 – PhD student University of Dschang (Cameroon) photovoltaic energy

Research Focus:

The research conducted by this individual falls within the category of Photovoltaic Energy and Computational Modeling. Their primary focus revolves around the enhancement and computational modeling of heterojunction perovskite solar cells, specifically those based on CsPbI3/MAPbX3(X = I1−xBrx). The work, cited at least once, reflects a commitment to advancing the understanding and efficiency of perovskite solar cell technology. By combining expertise in material science, computational modeling, and renewable energy, the researcher contributes to the ongoing efforts to improve the performance and viability of solar cells for a sustainable energy future.


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Computational modelling and improvement of heterojunction perovskite solar cell based on CsPbI3/MAPbX3(X = I1−xBrx), cited by: 1,  Publication date: 2023

Abraham Dimitri Kapim kenfack | photovoltaic energy | Best Researcher Award

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