Mr. Dominique Fosse, Mathematical physics, Best Researcher Award

Oil Trader (derivatives) 2008-2022 Verum Plus SA, Geneva Litasco SA, Geneva

Dominique Fosse, MSc, is a dynamic professional with a rich background in Physics Engineering and Mathematics education. With over a decade of experience in international energy trading, including roles as an Oil Trader and Risk Manager, Dominique’s expertise spans science education, curriculum development, and mathematical research. His journey began as a Math & Physics Assistant at EPFL, Lausanne. A strategic thinker, he holds an MSc in Engineering Physics and a certification in “Advanced Technical Analysis.” Fluent in French and English, Dominique is also proficient in Python programming. His unique blend of teaching, trading, and research fuels his success in the multidisciplinary space.

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MSc in Engineering Physics: 2003 EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland Cours Ā« Advanced Technical Analysis Ā»: 2016

Career Highlights:

Oil Trader (Derivatives): 2008-2022 Verum Plus SA, Geneva Litasco SA, Geneva Dominique excelled in the dynamic world of oil trading, specializing in derivatives. His responsibilities included market analysis, risk assessment, and successful negotiations, showcasing his proficiency in international trading and risk management.


Science Education, Curriculum Development, International Trading and Risk Management, Mathematical Research, Data Analysis, Communication and Leadership, Negotiation.

Research Focus:

Dominique Fosse’s research focus lies in the intersection of mathematics and algorithm development. With a profound interest in Diophantine equations, he explores explicit decomposition formulas for matrices, contributing to the realm of number theory. His work delves into finding solutions in the Gaussian integers (Z[i]) for the specific case of A^5 + B^5 = C^5 Ā± 1. Leveraging his background in mathematical research and algorithmic proficiency, Dominique navigates the complexities of Diophantine equations, aiming to provide accessible solutions and further our understanding of these intriguing mathematical puzzles.

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Dominique Fosse | Mathematical physics | Best Researcher Award

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