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Assist Prof Dr. Ali Al Shamy | Nuclear Interactions | Best Researcher Award

PHD at the University of Calicut, India

Ali Mohammed Ali Naje Al-Shamy is a dedicated Research Scholar pursuing his Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Calicut, India. Serving as an Assistant Professor at the University of Thamar, Yemen, since 2007, he has extensive teaching experience in subjects like Nuclear Physics, Quantum Mechanics, and Electromagnetic Theory. Ali holds an M.Sc. in Nuclear Physics from the University of Sanaa and a B.Sc. in Physics from the University of Thamar. His research focuses on high-energy nuclear interactions, particle physics, and simulation methods like the Monte Carlo Method and Geant4. Proficient in MATLAB, FORTRAN, and Mathematica, he is fluent in English and Arabic.

Professional Profiles


Ph.D. in Physics University of Calicut, India (2022 – Present) M.Sc. in Nuclear Physics (Total: 89%) University of Sanaa, College of Science, 2014 B.Sc. in Physics (Total: 83.06%) University of Thamar.

Work Experience

Research Scholar University of Calicut, India (Since 2022) Lecturer Physics Department, College of Science, Thamar University (Since 2007) Subjects Taught: Nuclear Physics, Atomic Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Mathematical Methods of Physics, Electromagnetic Theory


Computer Programs: MATLAB, FORTRAN, Mathematica, Geant4 simulation. Languages: English, Arabic

Research Focus

Based on the provided references, A.M. Alshamy and M.M. Musthafa appear to focus on nuclear physics and computational simulations in their research. Specifically, they study the interaction of neutrons with materials, such as the transparency of optical potential barriers for fast neutrons and the reduction of neutron flux through iron using GEANT4 simulations. Their work involves both theoretical and computational approaches to understanding neutron behavior, which is crucial for applications in nuclear reactor design, radiation shielding, and nuclear safety. The calculation of neutron cross-sections for iron group nuclei also indicates a detailed focus on the scattering processes and nuclear reactions involving neutrons and iron isotopes.


  1. Calculation of the neutron cross-section for iron group nuclei in ℓ ≠ 0 case, Publication date: 2023.
  2. Study of the Reduction of Neutron Flux Through the Iron Material Using GEANT4 Simulations, Publication date: 2024.
  3. Optical Potential Barrier Transparency for the Fast Neutron, Publication date: 2024.
Ali Al Shamy | Nuclear Interactions | Best Researcher Award

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