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Prof Dr. Dario Ramirez | Medicinal Chemistry | Best Paper Award

PHD at the National University of San Luis, Argentina

Dario Ceferino Ramirez is a Professor and Principal Investigator at the National University of San Luis and the Chief of the Laboratory of Experimental & Translational Medicine at IMIBIO-SL-CCT-San Luis, CONICET, Argentina. He specializes in oxidative stress, inflammation, and metabolic diseases. Ramirez holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and an M.S. in Immunology from the National University of San Luis. His research has led to significant insights into hypoxic inflammation and its role in tumor biology and obesity. Ramirez has been recognized with numerous awards and serves on several editorial boards, contributing extensively to his field.

Professional Profiles

Professional Experience

1994-2001: National University of San Luis- CONICET, San Luis, Argentina. 2001-2008: NIH Post-Doctoral Fellow and Research Fellow, NIEHS, NIH. 2008-2011: Assistant Member, Experimental Therapeutic Research Program, OMRF, Oklahoma City, OK. 2012-2015: Professor of Molecular Genetics, Department of Biochemistry and Biological Sciences, National University of San Luis, Argentina. 2012-2014: Guest Researcher, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, RTP, NC, USA. 2015-present: Full Professor, Molecular and Cell Biology, UNSL, San Luis, Argentina. 2014-present: CEO, Delta Research Laboratories-Development, Innovation and Services, CONICET, Argentina. 2018-present: Principal Investigator, Chief Laboratory of Experimental & Translational Medicine, IMIBIO-SL-CCT-San Luis, CONICET, Argentina.


2023: Member, Commission Ad-Hoc PICT2022- Salud Humana y Salud Publica, FONCYT-MINCyT. 2023-present: Hop On Facility 23, HORIZON-WIDERA-2023-ACCESS-06-01. 2021-present: Cross Reader, European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA). 2022-present: Remote evaluator and Panel Review Committee Member, HORIZON-HLTH-2022-STAYHLTH-02-01, HaDEA. 2020: Trainee Award, 27th Annual Meeting SFRBM Virtual. 2020-2023: Coordination commission CMII, RESOL-2021-63-APN-DANPIDTYI#ANPIDTYI, ANPCYT. 2019: Representing Soc. Biol. Cuyo, Argentinean Society for Clinical Research (SAIC).

Research Focuse

My research focuses on oxidative stress and inflammation caused by macrophages in response to metabolic and environmental stressors. I have developed methods to detect and prevent oxidative damage, discovering that the nitrones spin trap DMPO can be a therapeutic agent. My work highlights the role of hypoxic inflammation in tumor biology and obesity-related inflammation, exploring how monocyte infiltration and macrophage switching are influenced by these conditions. Current projects investigate the mechanisms linking lung inflammation and insulin resistance in obesity, testing natural and synthetic inhibitors of myeloperoxidase and activators of NF-kB and Nrf-2 to reduce inflammation and promote adipogenesis.


  1. Polyclonal antibody production anti Pc_312-324 peptide. Its potential use in electrochemical immunosensors for transgenic soybean detection, cited by: 5,  Publication date: 2020.
  2. Pulmonary Neutrophilic Inflammation and Noncommunicable Diseases: Pathophysiology, Redox Mechanisms, Biomarkers, and Therapeutics, Publication date: 2020.
  3. Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effect of polar extracts obtained from waste product of wine making, Publication date: 2021.
  4. Effect of an Intracerebroventricular Injection of Aggregated Beta-amyloid (1-42) on Daily Rhythms of Oxidative Stress Parameters in the Prefrontal Cortex, Publication date: 2021.
  5. An intracerebroventricular injection of amyloid-beta peptide (1-42) aggregates modifies daily temporal organization of clock factors expression, protein carbonyls and antioxidant enzymes in the rat hippocampusPublication date: 2021.
  6. Interplay between nitric oxide and gonadotrophin-releasing hormone in the neuromodulation of the corpus luteum during late pregnancy in the ratPublication date: 2022.
  7. Marmesin and Marmelosin Interact with the Heparan Sulfatase-2 Active Site: Potential Mechanism for Phytochemicals from Bael Fruit Extract as Antitumor Therapeutics, Publication date: 2023.
  8. An intracerebroventricular injection of AΒ (1-42) modifies temporal profiles of spatial memory performance and oxidative status in the temporal cortex rat, Publication date: 2023.
  9. β-keto amyrin isolated from Cryptostegia grandiflora R. br. inhibits inflammation caused by Daboia russellii viper venom: Direct binding of β-keto amyrin to phospholipase A2, Publication date: 2024.
Dario Ramirez | Medicinal Chemistry | Best Paper Award

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