Ms.Β  Qiqi Li: Leading Researcher in High entropy ceramics

Ph.D. Student at School of Civil and Engineering Chongqing University, China

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πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Ms .Qiqi Li, an Ph.D. Student at School of Civil and Engineering Chongqing University, China, stands as a distinguished academic and researcher in the domain of High energy physics. Holding a PhD in High Energy Physics and Computational Science from School of Civil and Engineering Chongqing University, their professional journey exemplifies dedication and expertise. πŸ“š. πŸŒπŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“

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Areas of Specialization

High Energy Physics and Computational Science


Ph.D. Student: Chongqing University (2020 – Present),

Competition and Rewards:

Excellent Graduate: Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology (2019),Β  First-Class Academic Scholarship: Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology (2018)

Research Field:

During my master’s degree, she focused on studying the static performance of RC components with ECC jacket. Notably:

Published 2 Chinese EI papers Completed 1 SCI paper in collaboration with a research group member Presented at the 17th National Fiber Concrete Academic Conference In her Ph.D. journey, she research shifted towards structures for wind power engineering, involving: Designing the foundation of a pre-stressed concrete-filled steel tube lattice tower Optimizing the reinforcement quantity of a gravity foundation Proposing and calculating the reinforcement scheme of onshore wind power foundations.

Research Achievements:

Published 2 SCI papers related to wind power engineering, Published 1 EI Chinese paper in the same field, Currently, 2 SCI papers are under review

Peer Reviewer & Academic Engagements

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h-index: 1

Publications: 5 documents indexed in Scopus.

Publications (TOP NOTED)

Li Qiqi, Zhao Yuting, Jin Kaiyuan, Wang Yuhang, Gao Yuan. Constitutive model of lightweight
aggregate concrete confined by circular steel tube. Eng. Struct. 2023; 276(7): 115355.

Wang Yuhang, Mao Jie, Zhou Xuhong, Li Qiqi. Static behavior of multi-planar CFST chord-CHS
brace TT joints in Structures. Structures 2023, 58: 105554. (Corresponding Author)

Deng Mingke, Li Qqiqi, Liu Haibo, Jing Wubin. Experimental study on seismic behavior and shear
strength calculation of high ductile concrete low-rise shear wall. Eng Mech 2020; 37(01): 63-72. [in

Deng Mingke, Li Qiqi, Ma Fudong, Huang Zheng. Experimental study on the shear behavior of RC
beams reinforced by high ductile concrete. Eng Mech 2020; 37(5): 55-63. [in Chinese]

Deng Mingke, Zhang Yangxi, Li Qiqi. Shear strengthening of RC short columns with ECC jacket:
Cyclic behavior tests. Eng Struct 2018; 160: 535-545.

Wang Yuhang, Zhao Yuting, Zhou Xuhong, Li Qiqi. Uniaxial compression test and bearing capacity
calculation of round steel tubed ceramsite concrete short column. Industrial Construction 2022,
52(1):7. (Corresponding Author) [in Chinese]



Qiqi Li | High Energy Physics

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