Mr. Fima Putra, Dark Matter Award, Best Researcher Award

Master’s degree at the University of Indonesia, Indonesia

Fima Ardianto Putra, born on May 20, 1989, in Tegal, Indonesia, is a 34-year-old physicist with a diverse academic background. Holding a Master’s degree in Physics from the University of Indonesia, Fima’s expertise spans classical theories, quantum physics, and beyond. He is an accomplished researcher, with numerous published papers in prestigious journals, focusing on topics like relativistic quantum mechanics and dark matter unification. Fima, a dedicated educator, has also contributed significantly to his community, participating in various workshops and competitions. Passionate about interdisciplinary learning, Fima Ardianto Putra is an intellectual force, actively engaging in theology, philosophy, psychology, and artistic pursuits.

Professional Profiles:

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Formal Education:

Playgroup of Permata, Jatibarang, Brebes, 1995 Elementary School of Jatibarang Lor II, Jatibarang, Brebes, 2001 Junior High School of 1 Slawi, Tegal, 2004 Senior High School of 1 Dukuhwaru, Tegal, 2007 Bachelor of Physics, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Jenderal Soedirman, 2012 Master of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, University of Indonesia, 2016

Study Interests in Physics:

  1. Classical Theories of Physics
  2. Theory of Relativity
  3. Quantum Physics
  4. Particle Physics-Astrophysics-Cosmology
  5. Biophysics and Medical Physics


On the Nerve Bioelectricity using Electroencephalogram (EEG) based on the Flash Stimulation, 2010 Bachelor Thesis entitled “On the Invariance of Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle with respect to the Lorentz Transformation according to the De broglie Wave Packet Picture in explaining Quantum Relativistic”, 2012 Paper entitled “De Broglie Wave Analysis of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle under the Lorentz Transformation” (Published in Jurnal Teras Fisika, 2018, Sinta 5) On the Uncertainty of Electric and Magnetic Field owing to the Heisenberg Uncertainty of the Charged Particle”, 2013

Research Focus:

Fima Ardianto Putra’s research focus lies at the intersection of theoretical physics, particularly in the realms of relativistic quantum mechanics and mass-action equivalence. In his article “Mass–action equivalence with respect to Explicit Symmetry Breaking,” co-authored with Alrizal and published in the Indian Journal of Physics (2022), Putra explores the nuanced relationship between mass-action equivalence and explicit symmetry breaking. This work delves into intricate aspects of theoretical physics, contributing to the understanding of fundamental principles governing particle behavior. Additionally, his investigation on the “relativistic Heisenberg uncertainty with respect to the mass-action equivalence” showcases his commitment to unraveling the complexities of quantum phenomena within the broader context of theoretical physics.

Publications (TOP NOTES)

On the relativistic Heisenberg uncertainty with respect to the mass-action equivalence, Publication date: 2019.



Fima Putra | Dark Matter Award | Best Researcher Award

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