Prof Dr. Bahtiyar Mamedov | theoretical physics | High Energy Physics Excellence Award

PHD at  Baku State University, Turkey

Dr. Bahtiyar A. Mamedov, born on July 7, 1958, is a distinguished professor at Gaziosmanpaşa University’s Department of Physics in Tokat, Turkey. He completed his M.D. in Physics at Baku State University in 1981 and earned his PhD in Atom and Molecular Physics from the same institution in 1990. With a career spanning decades, Dr. Mamedov was awarded the title of Professor in 2005. His research primarily focuses on atom and molecular physics, contributing significantly to the field. Dr. Mamedov is known for his academic excellence and dedication to advancing scientific knowledge.

Professional Profiles


M.D. Physics Baku State University, 1981. PhD Atom and Molecular Physics Baku State University, 1990.

Research Interests

Atom and Molecular Physics, theoretical physics

Research Focus

Dr. Bahtiyar A. Mamedov’s research primarily focuses on theoretical and computational chemistry, particularly in the evaluation of molecular integrals involving Slater-type orbitals. His significant contributions include developing methods for calculating overlap integrals, nuclear-attraction integrals, and multicenter integrals with both integer and noninteger quantum numbers. His work extensively uses recurrence relations, auxiliary functions, and gamma functions to improve the accuracy and efficiency of these calculations. Dr. Mamedov’s research has applications in molecular modeling, quantum chemistry, and the study of molecular systems’ thermophysical properties, reflecting his expertise in both physics and chemistry.


  1. A general analytical method for evaluation of the thermodynamic properties of matters using virial coefficients with Morse potential at high temperature, Publication date: 2019.
  2. The comparative analytical evaluation of quantum corrections to the second virial coefficient with Morse potential and its applications to real systems, Publication date: 2019.
  3. An accurate investigation of second virial coefficient with Morse-Morse Spline Van der Waals potential and its utilization in the study of real systems, Publication date: 2019.
  4. Accurate evaluation of the internal energy, free energy, entropy and enthalpy of non-polar molecules by using virial coefficients, Publication date: 2017.
  5. Theoretical assessment of compressibility factor of gases by using second virial coefficient, Publication date: 2018.
Bahtiyar Mamedov | Molecules physics | High Energy Physics Excellence Award 2810

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