Award Winners

 Title First Name Last Name Institution/Organization Country Domain Subdomain/Subject/Service Area Selected for
DrKarthik ReddyLyathakulaWartsila North AMericaUnited StatesInteractions and fieldsGeomechanicsBest Researcher Award
Assoc Prof DrSajjadHaiderKing Saud UniversitySaudi ArabiaExperimental methodsPolymer and material application in environment and biomedical FieldOutstanding Scientist Award
MrArslanMahmoodGovernment College University Faisalabad PakistanPakistanExperimental methodsNanoparticles and its ApplicationsYoung Scientist Award
DrAhamed SaleelCCollege of Engineering/King Khalid UniversitySaudi ArabiaHigh energy physicsNumerical Methods in Fluid Flow and Heat TransferExcellence in Research
MrHamadKhalelCranfield universityUnited KingdomExperimental methodsCivil engineeringBest Researcher Award
DrZuhalHamdPrincess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University , Saudi Arabia .RiyadhSaudi ArabiaHigh energy physicsthermoluminescence dosimetryExcellence in Research
Prof DrXuefeiLiuGuizhou Normal UniversityChinaHigh energy physicslow dimenasional material and interfaceBest Researcher Award
DrElenaSaratovskikhFederal Research Center of Problem of Chemical Physics and Medicinal Chemistry, Russian Academy of SciencesRussiaHigh energy physicsphysical chemistryBest Researcher Award
DrMostafaAbotalebSouth Ural State University (national research university)” FSAEIHE SUSU (NRU)RussiaHigh energy physicsMachine learningBest Paper Award
DrHari HaranBalakrishnanTata Institute of Fundamental ResearchIndiaHigh energy physicsCosmic raysBest Researcher Award
DrLiliana IvetteÁvila CórdobaAutonomous Mexico State UniversityMexicoHigh energy physicsEnvironmental engineering-alternative energyBest Researcher Award
MrFarrukh ibneMahmoodArizona State UniversityUnited StatesExperimental methodsPhotovoltaicsBest Researcher Award
ProfSheng-YuanChuSheng-Yuan Chu, Professor, National Cheng Kung UniversityTaiwanExperimental methodsceramics, quantum dots, OLEDs and thin -film applicationBest Researcher Award
Assoc Prof DrAliÖvgünEastern Mediterranean UniversityTurkeyParticle physics and cosmologyGeneral relativity/ Black holeBest Paper Award
Prof DrSergey N.GrigorievMoscow State University of Technology "STANKIN"RussiaExperimental methodsWear resistance of the cutting tools, nano/multilayer coatingsBest Paper Award
MrTiiNchofoungMinistry of Trade, CameroonCameroonHigh energy physicsEnergy EconomicsYoung Scientist Award
ProfMalgorzataSliwinska-BartkowiakAdam Mickiewicz University, Faculty of PhysicsPolandExperimental methodsCurrently her interest is focused on nano-porous materials (solid materials having pores of nanometer dimension), such as templated mesoporous materials (MCM-41, SBA, etc), activated carbons, carbon nanotubes, silicas, etc. Nano-porous materials play a prominent role in chemical processing, particularly in separation and as catalysts and catalyst supports. They can also form the basis of future technologies, involving energy storage, as nano-reactors, as sensors, fabrication of small devices of molecular dimensions, etc. Using mainly dielectric, diffraction and scanning microscopy methods she is working on freezing and melting phenomena of host nano-phases in these materials , with particular emphasis on the effects of phase behavior, thermodynamics, surface properties and structure. An understanding of such phenomena is central to the fabrication of many new nano-structured materials. Since many years she collaborates with Prof. Gubbins theoretical group from North Carolina State University, Raleigh. Recently she is working with melting behavior of ionic liquids in nanocarbon pores, the problems important for double layer supercapacitors working in low-temperature regimeporesExcellence in Research
DrMuhammad AmeerullahSahudinUniversiti MalayaMalaysiaHigh energy physicsdye-sensitized solar cellsBest Researcher Award
DrMuhammadHushamTishk International UniversityIraqThe matter particlesNanomaterials and applicationBest Researcher Award
DrMuhammad AmeerullahSahudinUniversiti MalayaMalaysiaHigh energy physicsDye-sensitized solar cellYoung Scientist Award
 Title First Name Last Name Institution/Organization Country Domain Subdomain/Subject/Service Area Selected for

Gallery, Mr. Yang Fu, China | Best Researcher Award

International Research Awards on High Energy Physics
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